I need it.

I want it. I want it so badly. I need that to live. I don’t think I could go on with out it.

I own this, and vehemently support buying this.  It is the most entertaining thing ever

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Milly Shapiro, one of the girls who plays the title role in Broadway’s “Matilda: The Musical” talks to about how she hopes her performance will empower children who come to see the show.

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“I’ll have to give them a symbol, just as I’ve always done! – To show them evil can be confronted and beaten!”

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Hope this helps!

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How to tell how much of a Marvel fan the people in the movie theater are:





Stage 1: Those who leave as soon as the movie ends

Stage 2: Those who know to stay until the credits for the extra scene

Stage 3: Those who stay until the end of the credits for the second extra scene

I’m a stage three. 

We all are

Stage 4: those who will stay until the ushers kick them out because they don’t trust marvel

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Marina being absolutely adorable before her performance of Guilty at the 2010 New Pop Festival



my friend was telling me this story about how this guy caddied for bill gates and at the end of the day he was expecting a big tip but bill gates was just like “alright thanks man see ya” and the next day the guy got a call and it was like “are you so-and-so?” and he was like “yeah…” and they were like “bill gates just paid off your student loans”

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nothing will fuck you up as much as the realization that there’s no real reason the alphabet needs to be in order

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Mom: Home in 5 minutes, hope you’ve taken the chicken out of the freezer



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Tatiana Maslany at the ‘Orphan Black’ Press Conference at the Four Seasons Hotel on April 14, 2014 in Beverly Hills, California.

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josh peck is literally my favorite person

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Sebastian Stan gets choked up talking about how much his mother means to him…

Okay I give in I will marry him and birth 2.5 of his babies, I mean he’s literally crying about his mom who brought him to America

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send me your writing (poems, stories, doodles etc.) I would love to read it all 


send me your writing (poems, stories, doodles etc.) I would love to read it all 

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